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The iconic Moon Winx Lodge sign shone on University Blvd. East in Alberta for more than 60 years. At one time, University Blvd. was the gateway to Tuscaloosa from Birmingham before McFarland Blvd. or Interstate 20/59 were built. Thousands of Alabama…

Betty Bailey Shirley avidly volunteered her service to the Tuscaloosa (AL) community. She was an out-spoken advocate for mental health in a time when mental health was greatly misunderstood. She championed support for children with disabilities…

This historic marker for Pickensville was erected by the Alabama Tourism Department and the town of Pickensville in front of the Pickensville Town Hall. Erected in July 2010, the marker reads:

In 1817, two years before Alabama became a state, a…

Amanda officially adopting the girls .jpg
A photo of Amanda Coupland, Tricia Lowery, and their two children after Amanda officially adopted them in 2014. The two children hold their adoption certificates.

The above article on the history of the University of Alabama School of Law was published in The Tuscaloosa Times on May 12, 1899, in its Trade Edition.

Read the text below or click on the image above to read the article.

Henderson Middleton Somerville was a professor and an Associate Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was instrumental in the formation of the University of Alabama School of Law, becoming the school's first dean.

Somerville held the post as…

Mrs. C.D. Smith wrote "Remember When: Lake Lorraine was Top Spot" for the Sesquicentennial Edition of the Tuscaloosa News.Click on the image above to read the article or read the text below.

Advertisement in The Tuscaloosa News features Mrs. Roberta Price, daughter of the founders of the Tuscaloosa Flower Shop, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Rogers. The shop was founded in 1921. The advertisement also features a float in Tuscaloosa's 1916 Centennial…

Early 90's of Tricia and Amanda.jpg
A photograph of Amanda Lowery and Tricia Coupland, notable members of the Tuscaloosa Lesbian coalition, taken sometime in the early 90's. Amanda and Tricia began dating on September 30th, 1991, and held a Holy Union ceremony four years later. As…

Holy Union at the Presidential Pavilion on UA Campus.png
On June 30, 1995, Tricia Lowery and Amanda Coupland held a Holy Union at the Presidential Pavilion on the University of Alabama campus.The ceremony was held on their anniversary, four years after they began dating, and was the first event of its kind…
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