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The above article on the history of the University of Alabama School of Law was published in The Tuscaloosa Times on May 12, 1899, in its Trade Edition.

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Henderson Middleton Somerville was a professor and an Associate Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was instrumental in the formation of the University of Alabama School of Law, becoming the school's first dean.

Somerville held the post as…

Mrs. C.D. Smith wrote "Remember When: Lake Lorraine was Top Spot" for the Sesquicentennial Edition of the Tuscaloosa News.Click on the image above to read the article or read the text below.

Advertisement in The Tuscaloosa News features Mrs. Roberta Price, daughter of the founders of the Tuscaloosa Flower Shop, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Rogers. The shop was founded in 1921. The advertisement also features a float in Tuscaloosa's 1916 Centennial…

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The Tuscaloosa Country Club, organized in 1921 and constructed in 1922, had a nine-hole golf course.

It was not the first golf course in Tuscaloosa. The first was the Riverside Golf Course, located on what was once Queen City Park and which had…

A brochure issued in 1963 by the Tuscaloosa County Medical Society promoting mass immunization using the Sabin Vaccine. The Sabin Vaccine is taken orally on cube of sugar.

The brochure gives the dates and locations in Tuscaloosa County where the…

Fellopwship Baptist Church is located on the Gordo-Reform Road. It was established in 1832 and was constituted an orthodox Baptist church by the then Cahaba Asssociation on August 3, 1833. Originally located in the  Hargrove Community, legendary…

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A monument for Captain William Dollar, said to have been a soldier in the Revolutionary War (undocumented) stands in the cemetery of Fellowship Baptist Church on Gordo-Reform Road. It Is said that the monument stands on land where Dollar had his…

Sand Mt. Meeting House.jpg
The Sand Mountain Meeting House Cemetery was created on land donated by Nimrod Hendrick (1778-1862). Hendrick was a soldier in the War of 1812 and was given land in Duncanville, south of Tuscaloosa, for his service. The cemetery was abandoned and…

Nimrod Hendrick.jpg
The photo is of the grave of Nimrod Hendrick, a Tuscaloosa pioneer who served in the War of 1812, and received a land warrant for his service near present day Duncanville, south of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.   He deeded land to the Sand Mountain Methodist…
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