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The first book station within the Tuscaloosa city limits was opened in the community hall of Rosedale Courts. The caption under the photograph states:

New Book Station Opens at Rosedale - Resident of Rosedale Courts were on hand last night at the…

Bookmobile 1.tif
A photograph of students at Bethel School enjoying a visit of the Tuscaloosa Public Library Bookmobile.

One out of 33 - The Bookmobile visits 33 schools in the county and 17 adult stations each month. This picture, taken at Bethel School, shows a…

Meet Frank Bruce.JPG
Frank Bruce was a legendary radio broadcaster in addition to being a prominent attorney in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

FPC Press Photo 1937.jpg
This photograph shows the First Presbyterian Church in 1937. This building is still in use with additions and renovations over the years.

The First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa was founded by 16 Presbyterians who left Pendleton, SC, to…

A postcard of the First Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa which appears to have been given (but not posted) as a New Year's greeting in 1919 by Mrs. Snow, The poem on the card reads:
A bright New Year and a sunny track
Along an upward way,
And a…

Rufus Dodd Letter_001.jpg
A certificate of appreciation from Governor George Wallace to long time Fayette County, Alabama Game Warden Captain Rufus Dodd Jr. for his 35 years of service to the State of Alabama as an officer with the Department of Conservation and Natural…

MPBC 1904.pdf
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church of Gordo was founded in 1843. The first church was a log building with a dirt floor and seats made of split logs and was heated by an eight-foot wide fireplace behind the pulpit and lit by oil lamps. The church had very…

The old bookmobile serves as an annex to the main building. Mrs. Martha Williams, librarian for the blind and physically handicapped, arranges and checks out the talking books from this stationary mobile unit. There is no room in the main building…

Mrs. Caroline Dickson, Northport Branch Librarian helps a youth check out a book at the branch library of the Tuscaloosa Public Library. The library was located on the corner of Main Avenue and 5th Street.

The centuries-old oak tree graced the lawn of the Gorgas House on the university of Alabama campus until a windstorm took it down in the summer of 1982.

It had been one of the oldest landmarks on the campus of the university. The tree was named…
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