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Pickensville (AL) Historic Marker


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This historic marker for Pickensville was erected by the Alabama Tourism Department and the town of Pickensville in front of the Pickensville Town Hall. Erected in July 2010, the marker reads:

In 1817, two years before Alabama became a state, a white man named Josiah Tilley came into the Tombigbee area which was inhabited by Indians. In 1820, the Town of Pickensville was established and named for Civil War General Andrew Pickens of South Caroling. Pickensville (located in West Central Alabama) became a booming town. There were large riverboats entering its ports delivering goods and picking up passengers traveling to Mobile, Alabama. In 1870, after the water transportation slowed, the M&O Railroad came with passenger and freight trains. There was ferry boat transportation back and forth across the Tenn-Tom River to Noxubee County, MS. It operated from 1879 to 1979. Two of its operators were war veteran Raleigh Ryan and Hezekiah Grice, both of Pickensville. There were schools, businesses, doctor's offices and churches. The Methodist Church, the oldest building in Pickensville, was founded in 1821. It was used as a hospital for the Confederate soldiers. Blacks and whites worshiped there together.

The Stage Coach Inn, built in 1830, served as a stop for stage coaches traveling between Columbus, Mississippi, and Eutaw, Alabama. Pickensville First Baptist Church was founded in 1847. BB Chapel Methodist Church was founded in 1877 and St. John Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1885. The Rosenwald School (the only school left and currently serving as Pickensville Community Center) was founded in1925 by philanthropist and founder of Sears & Roebuck, Julius Rosenwald of Chicago, and Booker T. Washington of Tuskegee. Pickensville is the oldest town in Pickens County and was the first county seat. Its first mayor, a riverboat captain named Newell, died in 1843. Once a Confederate Town, Pickensville elected its first African American mayor in 2004. Mary Locke Fuseyamore. She is the granddaughter of a slave (Dora Wilkins Locke, who was born in Virginia and brought to Pickensville in the early 1800's) and the daughter of a local civil rights worker Jimmie Locke Sr.

Erected by the Alabama Tourism Department and the Town of Pickensville
July 2010


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