Remember When, by Mrs. C. D. Smith



Remember When, by Mrs. C. D. Smith


History--Tuscaloosa (AL)
Lake Lorraine


Mrs. C.D. Smith wrote "Remember When: Lake Lorraine was Top Spot" for the Sesquicentennial Edition of the Tuscaloosa News.

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Mrs. C.D. Smith


Tuscaloosa News Archive


Tuscaloosa News


April 29, 1969


Betty Slowe (Description)




Tuscaloosa (AL)


I remember, even though I was a tiny girl, that my daddy took me to ride on the very first trip of the dummy, which was mule drawn and driven by Bill Brandon, who later was to become Governor of Alabama.

I remember our one recreation spot in my younger days was Lake Lorraine, which was located about a half mile east of Bryce Hospital station, and south of the dummy line. This was long before the Riverview Park was established.

Lake Lorraine was a wonderful place to go on a Sunday afternoon. There we would watch the courting guys and gals as they rowed in the boats that were available at the lakeside. Most of the men wore sleeve holders to keep their shirt sleeves up, a derby hat, and a handle-bar mustache.

The ladies usually wore black skirts, with white shirtwaists with collars so high you could understand why ladies didn't spit. Stays in these collars ran up almost to their ears. They either wore pretty merry widow hats or went bareheaded with a huge rat around the crown of the head with the hair pulled up over it. (Not too different from some of the teased styles of today).

The orchestra would always play concerts at the lake on Sundays. It also played for the dances at the pavilion there.

I remember how frightened I was as a child to ride the dummy over the trestle at Pinehurst and University Avenue, which spanned the huge gully running into what is now Audubon Place and see the horses and carriages or mules and wagons go down under, down one side and up the other.

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