Tuscaloosa History Mysteries

History Mysteries: Solve these 10 Tuscaloosa mysteries by searching for answers in the Tuscaloosa Area Virtual Museum.


1. In 1880, what business that operated at the site of today's Mellow Mushroom restaurant?

2. What year was the 10-story bank building at the corner of University Boulevard and Greensboro Avenue built?.

3. What lake that was at the foot of River Hill became the city's landfill?

4. What animal was the mascot of the Tuscaloosa Fire Department around 1917?

5. Where was the Bama Theatre located before moving to its present location?

6. What hotel in Tuscaloosa in 1910 was described as a "bowl and pitcher" hotel? (In other words, no bathrooms!)

7. What year did the Alabama State Capitol move away from Tuscaloosa?

8. Who built the Mobile and Ohio Railroad bridge over the Black Warrior River in 1898?

9. What building was called Tuscaloosa's first skyscraper?

10. Around 1900, what factory was the only one that would hire women?