General Guidelines

This digital collection currently focuses on historic photographs of the Tuscaloosa area including the cities of Tuscaloosa and Northport as well as the surrounding area of West Alabama.  Also included are relevant documents as well as interviews with leaders and residents of the area.


Selection Criteria: Materials must pertain to the Tuscaloosa area and be historically relevant, contribute to the depiction of daily life, or have educational or entertainment value. Each item must have a reliable description including location, date, event, and name(s) of people.


Selection Sources: Historically relevant materials are solicited from local historical agencies, community organizations, collectors, and other individuals. Materials may be photos, documents, audio recordings, or video recordings.


Acquisition:  Materials will be acquired by temporary loan for digitization. Originals are not accepted or maintained by the TuscaloosaAreaVirtualMuseum.  Individuals wishing to permanently donate items will be referred to appropriate community agencies.


Collection Maintenance:   Digitized items on public display may be replaced if more complete or otherwise more viable items are found.  All items will be retained but not all items will be available for public viewing.  Item description and metadata will be updated and/or corrected as information becomes available.  Files are backed up as part of the annual contract with which is funded by the City of Tuscaloosa.


Submission of Items:  Individuals wishing to submit items to the TuscaloosaAreaVirtualMuseum should contact to arrange for submission.  The image may be an original photograph or document with date, location, names, and ownership information provided. Digital images may also be submitted. Quality of image is an important consideration for inclusion and will be reviewed at time of submission.