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Photograph of the open house for the new library building at 1801 River Road (now Jack Warner Parkway). Tours were held from 2:30 to 5 PM. The library opened at 9 AM.

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Library staff and members of the Friends of the Library moved the books from the Friedman Library located at 1305 Greensboro Avenue to the new library building at 1801 River Road (now Jack Warner Parkway).

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Photograph of the Tuscaloosa Public Library building at 1801 River Road (now Jack Warner Parkway) under construction in 1979.

The Jemison Home, also known as the Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion, at 1305 Greensboro Avenue was built between 1859 and 1861 by one of Tuscaloosa's most prominent figures, Robert Jemison Jr., a plantation owner. The house was built of materials that…

The two-story Searcy House was built in 1904 by George Searcy, a Tuscaloosa banker and businessman. It was sold to Tuscaloosa County in 1925 for $35,000. The building was used for both a public library and the administrative offices of the Tuscaloosa…

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The Alabama Great Southern Depot was located at 2105 Greensboro Avenue where the current (2017) Amtrak Station is located. This building was replaced with the current structure.

The 1921 American LaFrance Pumper ready for the fire prevention parade in 1951. Fire Prevention Week was held in the fall to remind residents to "inspect and repair your defective furnace - heaters - flues and pipes before starting fall fires".…

Northport's first group of career firefighters, circa 1965.

From left to right: Assistant Chief Woolsey Morris, Joe Christian, Jimmie Little, Kelly, M.L. Lynn, Ray Hamner, Bigham, Flower, Chief H. C. "Happy" Hulgan.

Brookwood volunteer fire fighters and tank truck in 1955.

From left to right: Cecil Brantley, Coach Bevis, unidentified, unidentified, Charles Cunningham, Clifton Yessick, Oscar Abston, Ed Simmons, and Sam Toxey.

Equipment 1964.tif
Photograph of Tuscaloosa Fire Department equipment and firemen in 1964.
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