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Bryce Hospital Nursing Clas.JPG
Bryce Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1930

Front row: Posey Hicks, Nursing Instructor; Ruby Lowley, R.N. Graduate; Iva Strickland, Nursing Instructor; Betty Finch, Nursing Instructor; Zena Cranford, R.N. Graduate; Ara Williams, R.N.…


Searcy House.jpg
The Searcy Building, named for Dr. James T. Searcy, the second superintendent of Bryce hospital, was a replacement of a wooden building on the Bryce Grounds. Construction began in 1946 and was completed before October, 1948. It has been a building…


Home of Ellen Bryce 001 (386x400).jpg
Ellen Peter-Bryce began plans for this home in 1892, upon the death of her husband Dr. Peter Bryce, the first superintendent of what is now Bryce Hospital. The hospital was named for Peter Bryce upon his death. and Ellen Bryce changed her last name…


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