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The historic Phoenix Hotel in Carrollton, Alabama, showed the ravages of time as it faced demolition in 1966.

The hotel was built in 1841 and was demolished to make room for a new county activities building. Probate Judge Robert H. Kirksey said…

Aliceville Museum.jpg
Aliceville is the largest city in Pickens County, Alabama. It was home to a World War II German prisoner of war camp, which is now the focus of the Aliceville Museum.

Located in the southern part of the county, Aliceville is named for Alyce…

Ralph School.jpg
The date of this photo of students at Ralph School is unknown.

In the front row are Chester Barton, Floyd Phillips, Bessie Poole, Stella Phillips, Hortense Phillips and Aileen Phillips.

In the second row are Willie Phillips, Phelan Beck, Tom…

Phoenix Hotel 2.jpg
The historic Phoenix Hotel in Carrollton, Alabama, was built in 1841.

The hotel was a two-story, 27-room hotel located on the main street just across from the county courthouse. In the old days when transportation was a problem, men who served on…

The photo shows the movie "Forever Amber" was playing at the Pickens Theater in 1948. The theater was a gathering place for teens and others from around Pickens County since, at times, there were no other theaters in the county. It also provided jobs…
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