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The East End Elementary School was built in 1962 in a predominately black residential area near the Jaycee Park in Alberta. In 1969, the court ordered the closing of the all-black school. Most of its students transferred to Alberta Elementary…

Gorgas Schoola.JPG
Named after General William Gorgas, Gorgas Elementary School was located in northern Tuscaloosa County, on land donated by Isaac Morgan Boone. It was the first graded school in rural Tuscaloosa County (succeeded one-room schoolhouses). It later…

Ind Class of 46' - 2.jpg
Industrial High School for black students was located on 15th Street at the site of the present Central Elementary School.
The graduating class of 1946 included:
Front row: Teacher Effie Mathews, unknown, Thomas Brown, Mildred Abercrombie, Oscar…

Verner Military Cadets491.jpg
Cadets from the Verner Military Institute

Verner Military Institute was founded in October, 1877, as University High School by Professor William H. Verner. It was designed to be a preparatory school for youths for the State University.


R Gorgas Report Card486.jpg
R. Gorgas report card from High School for Boys, Tuskaloosa, Alabama. Report shows he was absent 2 days and 1 half day. He was also tardy 2 times and had 1 recitation excused. No demerits are shown. Mr. Gorgas was graded in Latin, Greek, Algebra,…

Tuskaloosa Male Academy485.jpg
A description of the Tuskaloosa Male Academy at Stafford Place in Tuscaloosa, Ala., including prices of tuition and fees.

The document reads:

1880-1881, Tuscaloosa Male Academy, Stafford Place.

The exercises of this school will open on the…

The Barbee School, which taught from first to seventh grade, was located near Samantha in northern Tuscaloosa County from about 1907 to the early 1940s. After students completed the seventh grade, they were awarded diplomas and encouraged to continue…

Central College Graduation Program Cover428.jpg
Central College Graduation program including a list of graduates:
Mary Frances Yerby
Mallie Norma Williams
Zoe Alva Jones
Maggie Julia Snead
Myrtle Inez Rabb
Mattie Josie Smith
Macie Mae Robertson
Carrie Robertson
Emma Estelle…

Central Female College Commencement Program426.jpg
Commencement Program for the Alabama Central Female College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The program includes a list of graduates that read essays and performed music.

Central College Piano Recital425.jpg
Piano Recital Program from Central College. Miss Alva Jenkins assisted by Miss Saidee Bevil (voice).
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