Tuscaloosa County Medical Society Charter 1912

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Tuscaloosa County Medical Society Charter 1912


Medical Society of Tuscaloosa County (AL)


This 1912 charter of The Medical Society of Tuscaloosa County indicates that the group was originally chartered in 1877. Physicians in the area were granted membership by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama.


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Tuscaloosa (AL)


Charter of the Medical Society of Tuscaloosa County (ORIGINALLY CHARTERED 1877)

Proof having been made to the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, a corporation chartered by said State, that the Physicians of the County of Tuscaloosa whose names appear below, have organized by adopting a Constitution, approved by this Association, thus placing themselves in position to co-operate with this Association in the achievement of the objects set forth in this Constitution, therefore,

Be it known, That by virtue of the power conferred upon is by the General Assembly of the State, in an Act approved on the sixth day of February 1893, this Association does hereby charter said body of organized physicians as a County Medical Society, under the title of The Medical Society of Tuscaloosa County,
and authorizes and empowers said Society to do and preform all acts in furtherance of the objects of its organization, as set forth in its Constitution; and further authorizes and empowers said society, through its proper and legal officials, to enforce the public health and quarantine laws of the State, and the Public health ordinances of this Association, in so far as they apply to the said County of Tuscaloosa; and also to enforce in the said county, and in all municipalities therein, such public health ordinances as the respective authorities thereof may legally enact, provided that said society shall not do or preform any act in violation of the Constitution, or Ordinances, of this Association.

The said Medical Society of Tuscaloosa County is hereby declared to be in affiliation with this Association, and also in fellowship with other county societies in this State chartered by this Association.

Done in annual session in the City of Birmingham, on the 19th day of April year, 1912.

In testimony whereof the signature of the President and that of the Secretary of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, together with the seal of said Association, is hereunto affixed.

Lewis G. Morris, M.D, President
J.N. Baker, M.D., Secretary

Members: Sam Bealle, B. A. Burks, Jos. H. Cooper, W. V. Doughty, Edward C. Hagler, R. H. Howell, Sidney Leach, Jno. Little, Geo. M. Milner, Wm. D. Partlow, Jas. Thos. Searcy, Wm. B. Shambuger, W. T. Taylor, Welster Ward,

Chas. P. Bell, B. S. Carpenter, N. T. Davie, W. M. Faulk, E. N. Harris, A. D. Killian, T. M. Leatherwood, S. Foster Mayfield, Robt. Neilson, Madison K. Patton, Geo. H. Searcy, J. E. Shirley, Jas. Trimm, J. M. Wheat,

A. H. Bobo, B. F. Caffey, Jos. F. Davis, Alston Fitts, F. Hausman, Jno. A. Lanford, Jos. Leland, Geo. A. Merriam, Andrew B. Nichols, Geo. R. Raw, H. B. Searcy, S. P. Taylor, Jno. Hester Ward, Jas. L. Williamson.

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