Minor-Searcy-Owens House, 2606 8th Street, at Christmas time

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Minor-Searcy-Owens House, 2606 8th Street, at Christmas time


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Minor-Searcy-Owens House, 2606 8th Street, at Christmas time

The Minor-Searcy-Owens House was originally built in 1826 by Judge Henry Minor. Judge Minor was a member of the Alabama Supreme Court as well as a member of first University of Alabama Board of Trustees.

In 1857 the house was sold to Ann Sorsby Ross. The house would become known as the Searcy house after Ann's daughter, Anne, married Dr. James Thomas Searcy and the couple moved in with her mother. Dr. Searcy would become the second Superintendent of Bryce Hospital in 1892.

The house remained in the Searcy family until it was sold multiple times in the early 20th century. The house then fell into disrepair until it was purchased in the late 1970s, first by the Tuscaloosa Preservation Society, then by Pat Hobson who restored the home. Following the restoration, the home was purchased in 1999 by attorney John Owens. It is now used as the office of Owens & Millsaps, LLP and is now known as the Minor-Searcy-Owens House.

The house is described by architectural historians as "frontier" style architecture because of its square, heavy proportions. A three-story frame building, it is an adaptation of the Classic Revival style. The house has a portico of six, square, paneled columns, topped by a heavy cornice. The structure has a bricked first floor and front steps going from ground level to the second floor. Double front doors, with glass transom and side panels on either side, provide entrance to the house. In the basement or first floor, were the dining room, kitchen and a storage room. The basement has two double windows on either side of the steps. The home has large, spacious rooms with the original, low ceilings and the original mantels. The square entrance hall displays an interesting reverse staircase.

(Information from Old Tuskaloosa Magazine and "Past Horizons," Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society, 1978 used in description)


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