Alvin P. DuPont, Mayor of Tuscaloosa from 1981 to 2005

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Alvin P. DuPont, Mayor of Tuscaloosa from 1981 to 2005




Al DuPont was mayor of Tuscaloosa from 1981 to 2005.

Although he has been an Alabama resident most of his life, Al DuPont grew up 80 miles northwest of Baton Rouge in the small town of Bunkie, Louisiana. He was raised on a farm and attended a very small school, which had a graduating class of only fifteen people.

Al DuPont entered the military after high school graduation and became a medic in the United States Army. DuPont was then stationed at camps in Pennsylvania, New York, Scotland, and England. After arriving in England, DuPont was assigned to the 104 Medical Battalion. On June 6, 1944, DuPont landed on Omaha. After surviving D-day, DuPont was wounded when an enemy shell hit a tree where he was standing. After recuperating in England, DuPont returned to fight in Europe where he was once again wounded, this time by a machine gun. For his bravery during the war he was awarded two purple hearts.

One of the hospitals he was sent to was Northington General Hospital in Tuscaloosa where he received skin grafts for his wounds. After being discharged from Northington, he married Susie Margaret McLeod and his attachment to the city of Tuscaloosa began to grow.

After returning from the war, Al DuPont attended Louisiana State University. Before receiving his degree from Louisiana State, DuPont decided to move to Tuscaloosa to work on the decreasing water supply in the city. DuPont received his engineering license while working on the water project. DuPont completed his course work and earned an engineering degree at the University of Alabama.

DuPont held a variety of engineering positions in the city of Tuscaloosa. Early in his career, DuPont worked as a land surveyor assisting in the mapping of Lake Nichol. Later DuPont was employed as an assistant city engineer.

DuPont decided to run for mayor in 1981. During his time as mayor DuPont states that his biggest accomplishments were bringing in such industries as Mercedes and JVC. Every term DuPont served as mayor the city had a balanced budget, which he credits to the development of new industries.

In 2005, after 24 years of serving as the mayor of Tuscaloosa, Al DuPont retired. He is still very active in the Tuscaloosa community and spends numerous hours helping others.


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