Old Elmore Church, Gordo

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Old Elmore Church, Gordo




The little white Elmore Church stands atop a hill three miles south of Gordo, AL, off County Road 21.

The late J.W. Mustin, once probate judge of Pickens County, was the original owner and stated in the deed that the two acres on which the Elmore Church and cemetery stand were never to be used for anything but church services. The deed was made to Elmore Church and members, naming no certain denomination.

The first building was made of logs and was erected in 1890. A hail storm once blew some of the trees down on the property. These were cut into logs and sold and the money put into a fund for the care of the cemetery.

The Methodists used the building longer than any other group though at least three church bodies have been organized in the building. One annual event of this historical place of worship was the old fa-sol-la singing held there in August for over 70 years.

The two churches of Elmore and Center Springs were of the Methodist faith and rotated Sunday services for many years.

In 1948, members of the Center Springs Church decided to erect a new building halfway between the two churches, combining the membership of over 100 people and creating Elmore-Center Methodist Church. It was during this transition that the old deed was found and it was discovered that the old church could not be demolished, but was to stand as a symbol of faith for all people. (Information from Pickens County Alabama History and Families, 1998)


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