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Verner Military Institute


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Verner Military Institute was founded in October, 1877, in Tuscaloosa as University High School by Professor William H. Verner. It was designed to be a preparatory school for youths for the State University.

Its exercises were conducted in various parts of the city until 1886 when Verner purchased the old convent property in the eastern suburb of Tuscaloosa and established a military boarding school. He later changed the name to Verner Military Institute. The military institute was a great success until Verner died in 1900.

Professor H.M. Somerville Jr., who had been chief assistant to Verner reopened and conducted a school there until the property was sold.

The buildings were situated on South University Street (now Paul W. Bryant Drive). The main building was shaped like the letter H. Each wing had three stories with two rooms on each floor. The central portion had the same number of rooms as one of the wings with double galleries front and rear measuring 50 feet by14 feet each. There was also one two-story brick house of 4 rooms, another of 5 rooms and one of six rooms, plus a brick stable of 65 feet by 35 feet.

(Information from "History of Alabama and Dictionary of Alabama Biography," Vol. 2)


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