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Frank Bruce Radio Broadcaster


University of Alabama


Frank Bruce was a legendary radio broadcaster in addition to being a prominent attorney in the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


University of Alabama


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Tuscaloosa Public Library






Tuscaloosa (AL)


"Meet Frank Bruce"

     "We're ready for the kickoff so here is Frank Bruce." Every Saturday during the football season, this familar phrase introduces the South's number one sports commentator to thousands of fans who are unable to witness the game in person. WBRC in Birmingham originates the games at the field and by telephone wire relay them to the stations located in every section of the state for the conveninece of followers of the Crimson Tide.
     You will find very few top flight attorneys who are also top flight sports commentators, but here he is-- Frank Bruce of the radio football network.
     Frank came to the University of Alabama in the fall of 1932 to study law. He brought with him many years of broadcasting experience that dated to 1926. His previous assignments had included practically every type of sport. He had broadcast such outstanding world events as the 1932 Olympics and more than seven seasons of baseball. Throughout his years of college life he returned to New York for another summer of broadcasting until his graduation from Law School in 1937.

     Entering upon his life's work, Frank chose law rather than a professional career in radio and since 1937 has confined his broadcasting to football, while carrying on his law practice in Tuscaloosa. Each year when the football season rolls around he devotes his Saturdays to following the Crimson Tide while the rest of the week he is surrounded with the buckram covers of Blackstone and the sound of the Judge's gavel.

     Frank's hobbies are sports. He and his wife and two children reside at 2010 Glendale Gardens, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

(Reprinted from the 1945 University of Alabama Football Program)

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