First Presbyterian Church, 900 Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, 1937

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First Presbyterian Church, 900 Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, 1937


Presbyterian Church


This photograph shows the First Presbyterian Church in 1937. This building is still in use with additions and renovations over the years.

The First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa was founded by 16 Presbyterians who left Pendleton, SC, to settle on the banks of the Black Warrior River and established the congregation in 1820. The Rev. Andrew Brown was called to be the first pastor. He came from the same area in South Carolina as the original settlers.  The church first held services in the Tuscaloosa City Court House and was named Bethel Church at Tuscaloosa.  In 1831 the name was changed to the First Presbyterian Church of Tuscaloosa.

The first building was erected at 900 Greensboro Avenue in 1830. Between sixty and ninety persons communed in the new brick church at the beginning of January 1831.

The growth of the membership rendered the first building inadequate and in 1913 the session began planning a new building. The money was not available but renewed efforts were started in 1919. Anna Price Spence offered to provide half the funds necessary if the membership would raise the other half. By the time the new building was completed Mrs. Spence had contribute $60,000. The new sanctuary at the cost of $150,000 was built and dedicated on April 23, 1922, in the same location as the church built in 1830.  This building was renovated in 1952.

In 1961 due to the generosity of Warner family a chapel was constructed next to the church in the location previously occupied by the Nuzum house, which served as the manse.  The chapel was dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Westervelt, the parents of Mrs. Warner.


First Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa




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