Mr. and Mrs. Morris Friedman Letter, 1926

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Mr. and Mrs. Morris Friedman Letter, 1926


A letter from Mr. and Mrs. Morris Friedman to their friends. A search of the address in the 1926 Montgomery City Directory found at this site: U.S. City Directories, 1822-1995, shows the friends to be a Mr. B.J. Weil.


Morris Friedman


Chuck's Fish


June 14, 1926


Tuscaloosa Public Library






Tuscaloosa (AL)


542 South Lawrence Street
                                        Montgomery, Alabama,
                                        June 14, 1926

Mr. & Mrs. Morris Friedman,
9 Burchfield Apartments,
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Dear Friends:-
                  Indeed glad to hear from you and it seems that Emmeline has found a rarer peace than she had even dared hope for. I am sure it is a peace which she accepts with benefience of spirit. She will be interested to know that I sent God my personal opinions and observations and appreciations of him, God, of course being Dr. Chas. H. Barnwell. There was onthing radical in the letter, only my deepest appreciation for his fineness of spirit which he manges to preserve and to transmute to us in the classroom, though I admitted it was somewhat routine. But I wanted to let him know somebody appreciated the fact that he had kept his fine spirit in tact all these many years against so many obstacles.
            It seems that you have done much fine reading since school let out. How stereotyped school is: Phi Beta Kappas and fraternities, Corollas and Crimson-Whites and a few Glee Club Songs and ten text books... that is college. Isn't it? Almost? And your trip together in Canada seems to have materialized. I cannot say how glad I am for both of you. It will be just the thing for you both. No need of ice tea and aspirins, Emmeline, you'll have to leave those pet abominations at home. It will all turn out alright in the end I am sure. Its just sure a hell-of-long way to the end.
            I should like to take a ride on one of life's hyperbolas and shoot-the-shoot through life's paths and by-ways. Or possibly Life might be some Mystic Maze with a definited point within called the center. Could there possibly be a point to Life? That is one of our great problems. In my present state of mind I feel that nothing means anything at all. Therefore why exert yourself, is my protest. But as Marcel would say: "One has to do something after all."
           My brother arrived Thursday night and instead of leaving today, Monday, as originally planned, he is remaining in this oasis until Friday the 18th and we sail together on the Crescent Limited New York Bound. I will remain in New York for six days, then set sail for camp. My address for the summer will be Blue Mountain Camp, Weld, Maine. Write to me about the wonderful things you do and see and the charming people you meet. That is one of the joys of traveling, meeting charming people.

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