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Chief Quartermaster Lester Jared Snow


World War I
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Chief Quartermaster Lester J. Snow died of pneumonia on September 30, 1918, while serving with the United States Navy in Massachusetts. Chief Snow was the husband of Mrs. Mary Snow and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Snow of Tuscaloosa.

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September 30, 1918


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Tuscaloosa (AL)


Lester Snow Answers Death Summons Late Monday in Boston, Mass.

Popular Tuscaloosa Business Man and Lawyer is Taken While in Training for the Service of His Country - Was Widely Popular and Greatly Beloved

The city and whole community are deeply bereaved in the death of Mr. Lester Jarad Snow which occured yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock in a millitary hospital at Chelsea, Mass. after an illness extending over ten days and all that is mortal of this splendid citizen will be brought to Tuscaloosa for interment.

When the news reached this city of the critical illness of Mr. Snow, his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. E.N.C. Snow, left immediately for Boston, realizing the seriousness of the message, and at his bedside was his wife, who had been in Boston for about two weeks on a visit with him when he was taken ill, and hundreds of friends were shocked to learn of his illness since all letters had reported him in splendid health and thoroughly happy in the thought of being in the service of his country.  Influenza attacked him suddenly, pneumonia developed almost immediately and in the naval hospital at Chelsea everything known to skilled physicians was exhausted in a hope of restoring him to heatlth.  Even yesterday morning relatives in this city were encourage by the marvelous strengh which Mr. Snow showed to combat the dread disease, but when the news came that pleurisy had developed all hope for recovery was abandoned, death coming as a blessed relief to this patient sufferer.

Born in Tuscaloosa

Lester Snow was born Oct. 2, 1886, in this city.  He graduated early in life at the Tuscaloosa High school and was sent to Marion Millitary Institute.  Later he returned to Tuscaloosa and entered the University of Alabama, received his degree with honors and likewise graduated in law at this institution, where he was prominent in all phases of college life.  From the University Mr. Snow went to Yale, taking a post graduate degree in law from that famous institution of learning, returning home to practice his profession as a member of the law firm of McQueen, McKinley, Hawkins & Snow.

Since the death of his brother, Mr. Henry Snow, three years ago, Mr. Snow has been actively engaged as manager of the Hotel McLester, owned by his parents.

In the autumn of 1912 Mr. Snow married Miss Mary Nuzum of this city and one son, Master McLester Snow, blessed this union.  When but a small boy Mr. Snow was confirmed in the Episcopal church, was crucifier for a number of years, and recently served as vestryman in that church to which he was devoted and where he gave promise of being such a power for good.

Prominent Socially

In all things social and civic Mr. Snow was a leading spirit, and was a popular member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, the L.T.F. club, the Rotary club and has been actively connected with all the recent patriotic movements.  His magnificent force and ability made his services valuable and his very soul was filled with ardent patriotism.  Proving this Mr. Snow volunteered for the naval aviation corps. and on August 1, was sent to Boston for training just before he was thirty-two years of age.  A year ago this splendid Tuscaloosian had the distinction of being selected vice-president of the Alabama Hotel Men's Association, which office he held at the time of enlistment.  For some years he had been attorney for the Mobile & Ohio railroad with headquarters in this city.

Mr. Snow was also prominent as a Mason, being a Knight Templar and member of Zemora Temple, Shriners, of Birmingham.

Mr. Snow was a member of one of the oldest and most distinguished families in the state.  The Snow family settled in Tuscaloosa previous to 1828, and members of this family have long been prominent in the business, social and religious life of the city,  assisting materially in the upbuilding and progress of Tuscaloosa.  From the noted McLester family, of which Mr. Snow's mother was a very lovely daughter, this young man inheritied culture, intellect and aristocracy.  The beautiful Snow home on Eighth street has long stood for elegance and genuine southern hospitality, and for years was a mecca for the fashionables coming to Tuscaloosa for commencement.

Was Generally Popular

Lester Snow was a splendid lawyer, a loyal citizen, a splendid son and a devoted husband whose claims to eminence were recognized by those who knew him best, and he commanded the esteem and respect of the entire city.  He was sincerely loved by many because he was richly endowed with a benevolence of spirit that overflowed in response to every call of human sympathy.  His spirit was always aflame with the fires of truth and justice, while his big and generous heart melted with human love.

Such a man as Lester Snow necessarily commanded attention:  He could not be commonplace and the influence of his character was felt in private and public relations.  What great pity that such an influence should be eclipsed in its blossoming before its fruitage could be developed to its fullest benefaction.  He left a work but partially completed, but likewise he left a standard in public and private life for men to master and be measured by.

"Thank God.  He sometimes makes a man
On such a large commodious plan,
So rich in every Heavenly dower,
So strong in every God-like power,
That all are glad to claim a place
In such a highly gifted race."

May that merciful Father of us all, who doeth all things well, abide with the grief-stricken members of Mr. Snow's family.  He, in His infinite wisdom, has seen fit to remove from all earthly sorrows the soul of this splendid citizen in the prime of his life and usefulness, and may He give strength to the parents, heart-broken young wife and other relative to say, "Thy will be done."

Other members of the immediate family left to mourn the passing of Mr. Snow are three brothers, Mr. Edward Snow of Las Cruces, N.M., Mr. Richard Snow of El Paso, Texas, and Lieut. Alden Snow, the youngest member of the family, who is with the Expeditionary Forces in France.

No funeral arrangements have as yet been made, but the body will be brought to Tuscaloosa for burial.

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