Opening of the Brown Branch Library of the Tuscaloosa Public Library, 2006

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Opening of the Brown Branch Library of the Tuscaloosa Public Library, 2006


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A newspaper account of the opening of the Brown Branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library, 300 Bobby Miller Parkway in Taylorville.


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September 11, 2006


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Photograph caption:  Siblings Tatiana Cubel, 9 and Michaael Cubel, 11 look through "Birds of the World" at the Brown Branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library on Sunday.  A dedication ceremony was held for the library during an open house Sunday afternoon at the new Bobby Miller Activity Center in the Taylorville community.

Taylorville welcomes new library branch

By Lucinda Coulter, Staff Writer

LOCATION:  Bobby Miller Activity Center, 300 Bobby Miller Parkway
HOURS:  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesdays 1 to 8 p.m.
Fridays 1 to 5 p.m.
FOR INFORMATION:  205-391-9989

TAYLORVILLE: Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges wrote that he had "always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."

Sunday afternoon, more than 400 people celebrared Borges' ideal at the dedication ceremony for the Brown Branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library.

The library branch is housed in the new Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority activity center in the Taylorville community.

A jazz band from Shelton State Community College greeted visitors attending an open house and reception at the library and activity center.

"The library will be a great asset for reading," said Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Bobby Miller, for whom the center is named.  "That is the base and start of any child's eduation."

Allison Guillory, 29, and Brady Guillory, 34, said they were glad a library branch has opened near their home in Gentry Point subdivion.  The couple sat with their 3-year-old son, Jacob and Matthew, 18 months, at a red table in the children's section during the open house.

"It's smaller, so it doesn't overwhelm the boys," she said, noting they check out about 10 books at least once a month.  "They love books."

On the second floor of the activity center , the 4,000-square-foot library branch is the first in Tuscaloosa's library system to be housed in a PARA building.

Cynthis Lanford, chair of the Tuscaloosa Public Library board, and Marvin McKinley, former chair of the library board, said that partnering with PARA has been a longime dream.  "It is a logical combination," McKinley said.

The branch is also unique in that its 9,000 books and other holdings are all new, said Brown branch head librarian Rick Freemon.  He said that the branch is about the same size as the Weaver-Bolden Branch in west Tuscaloosa and has a staff of two full-time librarians. 

"It is exciting, " Freemon said.  "We have never had a library in a facility like this"

He said that a committee surveyed the Taylorville community to decide what books and materials to purchase.

"Overall, I am impressed with the holdings," Freemon said.

In addition to reading material, the Brown Branch has three desktop computers and three laptops for use in the library.

Amy Patton, Brown branch librarian, said that programs for young children, such as Story Time and Toddler Time would begin at the branch in January.

Furniture, books, and equipment for the library were purchased with a bequest of $750,000 from James M. Brown and his sister, Marine Brown.  Both are deceased.

James Brown was a real estate and property appraiser and served as editor of the Exchane Club newsletter, the Unitor, for 55 years.  Marine Brown taught at Stafford and Verner elementary schools.

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