Letter of Dr. Peter Bryce to his Wife, January 6, 1880



Letter of Dr. Peter Bryce to his Wife, January 6, 1880


Bryce, Peter, 1834-1892
Bryce, Ellen Peter, 1841-1929
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A letter written by Dr. Peter Bryce to his wife on January 6, 1880, when she was in Charleston, South Carolina.


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Tuscaloosa (AL)


Alabama Insane Hospital
Tuskaloosa, Ala. Jan 6th 1880
My Dear Nellie,
I received your last letter from Charleston, under date of the 1st just last evening. I was going to write you last night but I concluded to go over and spend the evening with Parker. Johnie and I went to church Sunday as usual with Mrs. Woodale. We carried two beautiful bouquets for the graves. As the violets were dead in the iron vase, I put the bouquets in their place and they looked beautiful. I think you will have to use the vase for flowers & I will have the hole in the bottom stopped with a little cement, in a day or two, so that the vase will hold water. It is too small for growing plants, I am sure.

Yesterday afternoon at 5 ½ o’clock when it was part dark, I wondered over to the little observatory on the mound in the S.E. corner of the enclosure & had some pleasant meditation. I thought over our married life, & how many happy moments we had spent together. I remembered the little wooden seat near the old well in the corner on which we used to sit every afternoon and talk love. These dear old memories, my darling, brought a little moisture to my eyes, but they are nevertheless very sweet & very inspiring. I came back to the Hospital in time for dinner and I couldn’t help telling the boys that you were a sweet innocent child in those days. Dr. XXX observed that yours must have been the happiest family to be found anywhere in those antebellum days, and all had something kind & complimentary to say about you & your father.

I am sorry to tell you that Henry (the pony) is dead.

The poetry you sent embody my feelings exactly. The enclosed xxx was handed to me in the pulpit this morning by one of the insane women. I think it very pretty & true. I have a lemon in a box addressed to you which I will send tomorrow to you at Charlotte, or I may keep it until you return; it was grown in our conservatory.

We shall all be glad to welcome you home whenever you conclude to come.
Believe me Dear Nellie
Your faithful & affectionate

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