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The McLester Hotel was built in 1887 on the northwest corner of the intersection of Greensboro Avenue and Sixth Street. The capital for the building was furnished by Mrs. E.N.C. Snow, Mrs. William A. Leland, Mrs. John R. Kennedy, and the old…

The Alabama Great Southern Depot was located at 2105 Greensboro Avenue where the current (2017) Amtrak Station is located. This building was replaced with the current structure.

The intersection of Greensboro Avenue and Sixth Street was at one time referred to as City Hall Square. L. Rosenfeld’s dry goods store is to the left. To the right is the Alston Building.

The postcard states "A Typical Southern Home, The B. Friedman Residence"

The Battle-Friedman House was built about 1835 by Alfred Battle, a North Carolina native who had come to Tuscaloosa in 1821, and his wife, Millicent. A wealthy planter,…


This photo was taken from the intersection of 7th Street and Greensboro Avenue looking north on Greensboro Avenue. The building locations are as follows from left to right: Allen & Jemison Hardware Co.; City Hall; McLester Hotel; City Hall square…

This postcard view is of Greensboro Avenue looking south toward the intersection of Paul W. Bryant Drive (10th Street). The house to the left is the Rosenau-Eddins home that was located at 919 Greensboro Avenue.

The Elks Home and Auditorium was built shortly after the organization of Elks Lodge No. 393 on January 7th, 1898. The auditorium was Tuscaloosa’s second opera house. It was located on the southeast corner of 6th Street and 22nd Avenue. In the 1920s…

The Alabama State Capitol was located in Tuscaloosa from 1826 until 1847. The stone foundation of the capitol was laid in 1827 and work was completed in the late fall of 1829.

After the seat of government was moved to Montgomery in 1847, the…

Lock 13 was completed in May of 1905 and a formal ceremony was held on July 4, 1905. Lock 13 extended the upper limit of the Black Warrior River improvement to the junction of Locust and Mulberry forks of the river.

To facilitate coal shipment,…

Stallworth Lake was a recreational lake that was located at the foot of River Hill. The lake, which was built in 1918, had sliding boards, spring boards, diving towers, floating rafts, boating, a merry-go-round, and a miniature zoo. It became a City…
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