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William Perry, driver, and Memon Tierce, behind the driver, are ready for the football game. Other men are not identified.

The Burchfield Hotel was across from ‘The Old Train Station’ (L & N Train Depot). The footings were still visible on the northwest corner of 3rd Street and Greensboro Avenue until construction of a new downtown hotel began in 2013.. The Burchfield…

The previous city hall on this same site came down in 1936, and a new city hall was built under the Public Works Administration for a cost of $200,000. The building housed city offices and meeting rooms, an auditorium/movie theater, a barbershop, and…

The Alston Building is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Greensboro Avenue and Sixth Street. It was completed in 1910 on the site of the old Tuscaloosa County courthouse, which had stood there since 1845. The Alston Building was…

This view is of the front steps.

A U.S. Post Office and Federal Court Building was constructed on Broad Street (now University Boulevard) at the corner of 22nd Street beginning in 1908. It was designed by architect James R. Taylor and was…

In the 1940s, most students did not have their own vehicles. At Tom's U Drive Its, which was located on the University of Alabama strip, students could rent cars for a limited amount of time. This was very popular for weekend outings and dates.

The kitchen of the Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion during the time the J.P. Burchfields owned the house.

The house was purchased in 1945 by J. P. Burchfield, Jr. and Nell M. Burchfield. At that time the house was completely renovated with…

Christopher Thomas and his wife Louella Shockley Thomas stand outside their home on Fourth Street in Northport. The mynah bird they kept in the cage on the porch talked to passers-by.

Dick Hagler, Northport's first motorcycle policeman.

This view is looking toward the Northeast. Workers are pouring concrete forms and there is another worker surveying the site.

A U.S. Post Office and Federal Court Building was constructed on Broad Street (now University Boulevard) at the corner of…
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