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Carl Albright lived a life of meaning, commitment, and service - and excellence marked all of his endeavors. From home life to the workplace, from the church to the courtroom, from the chamber of commerce to the boy scouts, from giving to encouraging…

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The daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Richard Allison, Frances Allison Alexander was born in Columbia, SC on January 29, 1923 and graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1943. Frances Allison married Sydenham B. Alexander, M.D.…

James Browning Allen, of Gadsden, was born December 28, 1912, son of George C. and Mary Ethel (Browning) Allen, the former an attorney of the firm Dortch, Martin, and Allen, of Gadsden, and serving one term in the State Legislature, 1931-1935. Mr.…

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John G. Allen was plant manager at BF Goodrich.

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Thomas B. Allen was the second president of the Allen & Jemison Company, after William. C. Jemison.

Allen was born in Hale County, the son of Samuel B. and Lucy M. Gray Allen. He attended the Green Springs School under the noted educator, Dr.…

Robert N. Almon Sr. was the founder and longtime head of the engineering firm Almon & Associates. During a career that spanned decades, Almon planned and helped implement Tuscaloosa's first sewage collection system, the widening of 15th Street from a…

Fifty years ago, the construction of the Benjamin Barnes Branch of the YMCA began on 18th Street in Tuscaloosa.

The branch was named after Tuscaloosa educator, Benjamin H. Barnes.

Barnes was educated under Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee…

Barnes1 001.jpg
Jeremiah Barnes was a veteran school master of Tuscaloosa who was described as vigorous and active, in body and in mind. As a school teacher, he was cheerful and optimistic for himself and his people..

Born a slave on the farm of Judge Washington…

Colonel W. Tandy Barrett (1901-1992) was an influential Tuscaloosa businessman and devoted patriot.
He was best known around the community for his many positions of civic leadership within the Tuscaloosa Industrial Development Board, Tuscaloosa…

Norman H. Bassett Sr. worked in the news business for nearly forty years before retiring in 1979. He graduated from the University of Alabama in 1940 with an AB degree in journalism and political science.
Bassett is best known in the community for…
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