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A two-story wood frame house, built around 1905, the Wyman - Ashley House has a porch around two sides and utilizes the bay room both upstairs and down. The entrance is framed in a display of leaded glass ("Past Horizons," Tuscaloosa County…


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According to "Past Horizons," published by the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society in 1978, the history of this structure is uncertain, but it was known to have been built in 1875 as a home and has changed hands several times over the…


Searcy House.jpg
This photo shows the Searcy House as it is being prepared for demolition in 2014.

The two-story Searcy House was built in 1904 by George Searcy, a Tuscaloosa banker and businessman. It was sold to Tuscaloosa County in 1925 for $35,000. The…


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E. N. C. Snow was a prominent Tuscaloosa businessman and civic leader. The house was also the residence of Prof. Michael Toumey, Alabama's first state geologist. The Snow House was razed in 1964 to make way for the new Tuscaloosa County Courthouse. …

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This house was also known as the Gluck House. The house was said to have been built by Judge Peter Martin. It was demolished in 1938 to make way for local businesses.

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Located at 816 22nd Avenue, this house was built around 1840 by Alabama Governor Joshua Martin. It was demolished in 1964.

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The home of poet Samuel Minturn Peck was located at 18th Street and 30th Avenue in southwest Tuscaloosa.. Peck was the first Poet Laureate of Alabama. He was born in Tuscaloosa on November 4, 1854. He died in 1938. The lovely old home was later…

During an excavation on the Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion grounds, the top of one of the two beehive cisterns was uncovered.

The lounge or television room of the Jemison-Van de Graaff Mansion during the time the J.P. Burchfields owned the house.

The house was purchased in 1945 by J. P. Burchfield, Jr. and Nell M. Burchfield. At that time the house was completely…

Owen House at Christmas.jpg
Minor-Searcy-Owens House, 2606 8th Street, at Christmas time

The Minor-Searcy-Owens House was originally built in 1826 by Judge Henry Minor. Judge Minor was a member of the Alabama Supreme Court as well as a member of first University of Alabama…
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