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Capitol 1826-1847-h.jpg
Drawing of the Alabama State Capitol building that was located in Tuscaloosa from 1826-1845. Originally in Cahaba, the capitol was moved to Tuscaloosa because of flooding in Cahaba. The Capitol Building was designed by William Nichols, Alabama State…

state house.jpg
Tuscaloosa was the state capitol of Alabama from 1827 to 1846 . Originally in Cahaba,the capitol was moved to Tuscaloosa because of flooding in Cahaba. The Capitol Building was designed by William Nichols, Alabama State Architect, who also designed …

The old Alabama State Capitol Building in Tuscaloosa was decorated for the wedding of Ladie Fonville and Clifton Penick. The Alabama State Capitol was located in Tuscaloosa from 1826 until 1847. The stone foundation of the capitol was laid in 1827…

Dupont, Al.jpg
Al DuPont was mayor of Tuscaloosa from 1981 to 2005.

Although he has been an Alabama resident most of his life, Al DuPont grew up 80 miles northwest of Baton Rouge in the small town of Bunkie, Louisiana. He was raised on a farm and attended a…

American_LaFrance fire truck_Old No.2 station.jpg
This old American LaFrance fire engine was in use at Tuscaloosa Fire Station No. 2 at 10th Street (now Paul W. Bryant Drive) and 14th Avenue. The fire station no longer exists at that location. In this model, the driver was on the right side.

Lundell, Bob.jpg
Bob Lundell was a member of the Tuscaloosa City Council in the early 2000's. He was also Chairman of the Tuscaloosa Sister Cities Commission.

He was born November 08, 1942. He works as a financial advisor.

Howard, Bobby.jpg
Bobby Howard is a member of the Tuscaloosa City Council.
He attended Pickens County public schools, then attained a liberal arts degree at Shelton State Community College. At Stillman College, he earned a BA degree in business…

Judge Elbert Boozer stands on a replica of the state capitol that he hauled around the state on a trailer to use as a backdrop for his speeches in the primary campaign for governor in 1946. He lost the election to James E. Folsom., Sr.

He was…

Tuscaloosa officials and Governor Al Brewer358.jpg
Alabama Governor Albert P. Brewer is shown in his office in Montgomery, along with (left to right) Bert Bank, Herman Hickman, Edgerton B. Harris Jr, (Brewer), Cliff Davenport, and Rep. John Culver.

Brewer had been elected lieutenant governor when…

Brookwood volunteer fire fighters and tank truck in 1955.

From left to right: Cecil Brantley, Coach Bevis, unidentified, unidentified, Charles Cunningham, Clifton Yessick, Oscar Abston, Ed Simmons, and Sam Toxey.
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