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Astra Study Club 1950 grayscale Rotated copy.jpg
The Astra Study Club was founded in 1950, sponsored by an existing club, the Talisman Study Club. A Talisman Study Club committee, consisting of Mrs. Floyd Vaughn, Mrs. W.E. Reynolds and Mrs. Joe Haralson guided the club in its early days.


The Arts and Letters Club in Tuscaloosa.

First row: Sis Partlow Pritchett, Charlotte McEachen, Sue C. Phifer, Netta J. Holley, Evelyn Bricken, Bealand Randal, Katherine Jordon and Mary Morgan.

Second row: Louise Moody, Marjorie Florhand,…

An article written about the history of the Weaver Branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library published at the time of the rededication service for the branch.

Photograph of story time at the Weaver Branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library.

Children gather around storyteller Cora Smith as she reads during an afternoon program at the Weaver Branch. The children (L-R) LaDonna Wilson, Jeffery…

Photograph taken at the rededication ceremony for the Weaver Branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library on Sunday, June 14, 1987. Pictured above (L-R) Ruth Eaton Bolden, retired librarian, Tuscaloosa Mayor Al DuPont, Yoga Jones, new branch librarian,…

The dedicatory program for the Weaver Branch Library, Sunday, February 12, 1961, 3:00 p.m.

A photograph showing the interior of the new Weaver Branch of Friedman Library and an article describing the dedication of the branch.

The new branch of the library built on 18th Street between 29th and 30th avenues was inspected and accepted by the City of Tuscaloosa. The commissioners also okayed $5641.67 for furnishings which would be purchased from four local firms, at prices…

A photograph and article about the establishment of a library in Vance, Alabama.

Photograph of the bookmobile at the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Department in McCalla.

Bookmobile service was restored to Tuscaloosa County in 1995 after the service was discontinued 10 years earlier due to lack of funds. This bookmobile was on the…
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