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A historical marker for the Alberta City Cemetery on 13th Street in Tuscaloosa reads:

Land for Alberta Cemetery acquired 1912 by Alberta City Methodist Church: first burial June 1914; operated as church cemetery until 1938 when Alberta City…

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, cemeteries were a popular socialization spot, much like a park would be today.

This meeting was probably in Evergreen Cemetery as it is the only cemetery in Tuscaloosa that had the style of tombs seen in the…

The tombstone of Dr. John Drish and his wife, Sarah Drish located in Greenwood Cemetery in Tuscaloosa (Ala.).

Jemison Cemetery hold the graves of the pioneer Jemison family. Located on what was the Old Columbus Highway, now Industrial Park Road, the cemetery is on Department of Mental Health property that was part of the 4000-acer Jemison family…

The gravestone for Minerva D. Betts is in the Jemison Cemetery in Northport. It reads: Minerva D, wife of W.S. Betts, Born August 31, 1838, Died July 5, 1886.

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The gravestone in memory of William Jemison is located in the Jemison Cemetery in Northport.

It reads:

In memory of William Jemison, erected by his children for whom rather than for himself he lived. His mental and moral qualities were strongly…

This marker is located in the Jemison Cemetery in Northport.

It reads:

In memory of Sarah Jemison erected by her children. Her many amiable virtues endeared her to all who know her. She was courteous and frank to her friends, obedient and true…

The gravestone for Robert Jemison Jr. and Priscilla C. Jemison stands in the Jemison Cemetery in Northport, AL. The headstones state:Robert Jemison,Jr. born in Georgia Sep 4, 1802 died at Tuscaloosa, Ala. October 16, 1871 Priscilla C. Jemison born in…

The cemetery was formed when a student died in 1839 and was buried on campus. His family eventually has his body moved, but another student, William J. Crawford, who died of typhus fever on July 6, 1844, was buried in the same grave. President Manly…
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