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Ind Class of 46' - 2.jpg
Industrial High School for black students was located on 15th Street at the site of the present Central Elementary School.
The graduating class of 1946 included:
Front row: Teacher Effie Mathews, unknown, Thomas Brown, Mildred Abercrombie, Oscar…

Dr. W.N. Dansby was appointed to the Tuscaloosa City School Board in 1971 by then-Mayor Snow Hinton. Dansby walked into the line of fire when the school system was in the middle of desegregation, having been placed under Federal court order in…

This postcard of the Stafford School, the first public school in Tuscaloosa, says, "One of our graded public schools where 535 children (whites only) go to school daily." The school was located at 2209 9th Street in Tuscaloosa.

report card.jpg
This is a report card for Bruce Davis when he was in the 6th grade at Stafford School in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

This photo from the 1945-46 school year is not a typical photo for Stafford school classes. It is believed to have been made for a student, Talla Curtis, on her birthday and was a gift to the class from her parents. On the front row: Mildred Chism,…

Originally built in 1830 as a girls’ school, the building was located on the southwest corner of 9th Street and 22nd Avenue. The school property was purchased in 1859 by Samuel M. Stafford, a professor at the University of Alabama, and his wife…

Stillman - Graduating nurses.jpg
Stillman College operated a Nurses' Training School and hospital in Snedecor Hall from 1930 to 1946. Snedecor Hall was named after Emily Estes Snedecor, who was instrumental in raising the funds for its construction in 1929. This photo shows one of…

Panoramic view of Stillman Institute.jpg
"Stillman Institute (Colored) - Tuscaloosa."

This panoramic view shows the view along the road that is now Stillman Boulevard.

Liston Hall.jpg
Liston Hall was the first building erected on the site of the present campus of Stillman College. It was built one or two years after the land was purchased by the school in 1898 and served as the first dormitory and chapel for students. The building…

Members of the first board of education for the City of Tuscaloosa. Pictured from left to right are: E. N. C. Snow, Vice President; Carlton Mitchell, Superintendent; E. S. Chisholm; Festus Fitts, Secretary-Treasurer; W. C. Jemison (Mayor), President;…
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