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This photo from the 1945-46 school year is not a typical photo for Stafford school classes. It is believed to have been made for a student, Talla Curtis, on her birthday and was a gift to the class from her parents. On the front row: Mildred Chism,…

report card.jpg
This is a report card for Bruce Davis when he was in the 6th grade at Stafford School in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

This photo shows a physical education class at Tuscaloosa Junior High School, located at the corner of 10th Street (now Paul W. Bryant Drive) and Queen City Avenue. The address was 915 Queen City Avenue. Rufus Partlow is front left with Bruce Davis…

The Tuscaloosa High School Marching Band for 1945-46 shown in front of the school on 21st Avenue. The building, designed by architect D.O. Whilldin, is now the Board of Education Office. Bruce Davis and Rufus Partlow are in the photo. Left is band…

Group in front of Tuscaloosa Sr High School364.jpg
Group in front of the Tuscaloosa Senior High School. Kneeling left is Rhea Fayssoux and right is James "Curley" Kincaid. At the corner of the building stands J. Oviatt Bowers. Behind the two women in light-colored clothing is John Baker, Vice…

The Verner School second grade class photo from 1931 includes (front row, second from left) Mary Martha Hanley and (front row, extreme right) Mildred Hoggle (now Mildred Deslattes). On the back row (left to right) are Bill Noland, Billy Armstrong,…

Washington Hotel414.jpg
In 1836 Baptists established the Alabama Female Atheneum which became the Tuscaloosa Female College in 1854. This building housed the woman's college for many years.

In front of the school is a wagon of the Kaul Lumber Company.

Central College Piano Recital425.jpg
Piano Recital Program from Central College. Miss Alva Jenkins assisted by Miss Saidee Bevil (voice).

Central Female College Commencement Program426.jpg
Commencement Program for the Alabama Central Female College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The program includes a list of graduates that read essays and performed music.

Central College Graduation Program Cover428.jpg
Central College Graduation program including a list of graduates:
Mary Frances Yerby
Mallie Norma Williams
Zoe Alva Jones
Maggie Julia Snead
Myrtle Inez Rabb
Mattie Josie Smith
Macie Mae Robertson
Carrie Robertson
Emma Estelle…
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