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Col. W. D. Fonville, left, with his son, Marion Yancy Fonville, and Marion's friend, thought to be Hermione Charlotte Bliss. Col. Fonville had an active career in academics. In 1916, Fonville, formerly president of the Missouri Military Academy…

Dr. W.N. Dansby was appointed to the Tuscaloosa City School Board in 1971 by then-Mayor Snow Hinton. Dansby walked into the line of fire when the school system was in the middle of desegregation, having been placed under Federal court order in…

The Druid High School Dragons marching band headed west on University Boulevard. The University Club can be seen in the background.

Students Kathy Willis and Jeffrey Martin stand under the Druid High School advertisement for the last edition of the school's yearbook. The all-black school closed in 1979 and became Central High School West. Later, the building was razed to make…

A Druid High School Dragons Marching Band parade in downtown Tuscaloosa.

The East End Elementary School was built in 1962 in a predominately black residential area near the Jaycee Park in Alberta. In 1969, the court ordered the closing of the all-black school. Most of its students transferred to Alberta Elementary…

The Echola School in the west Tuscaloosa County community of Echola was a five room schoolhouse built in 1921. Although the documentation is fragmentary, this building was probably designed by D. O. Whilldin as part of a building program undertaken…

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Emma Henderson was a pioneer of education in Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama.

Henderson moved from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa in 1947 to teach in the Tuscaloosa City Schools. In addition to teaching high school, she taught adults who wanted to…

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Ernest Palmore was a longtime agriculture educator in Tuscaloosa County.

He was born Oct. 2, 1917, in Richland, Georgia and
was raised by his mother, who cleaned homes for white families, and his grandmother, who was a former slave. His father…

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Ettecca School was five miles north of the present (2014) Northside High School at the intersection of what was then Byler Road (now U.S. 43) and Concord Road (now County Road 12) in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The school was build in 1927 on land…
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