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Barnett school.jpg
The old Barnett School, August, 1916, was on Barger Road in Tuscaloosa County. It burned around 2006. On the site in 2016 is the Gospel Tabernacle.

The director of the school was Jesse Lee Howell (left); he also taught music. He eventually…

Central Southern College for Young Women.jpg
A receipt for Mr. C.R. Hamner from the Central Southern College For Young Women.

Stillman - Graduating nurses.jpg
Stillman College operated a Nurses' Training School and hospital in Snedecor Hall from 1930 to 1946. Snedecor Hall was named after Emily Estes Snedecor, who was instrumental in raising the funds for its construction in 1929. This photo shows one of…

Verner Military Institute was founded in October, 1877, as University High School by Professor William H. Verner. It was designed to be a preparatory school for youths for the State University.

Its exercises were conducted in various parts of the…

palmore (161x200).jpg
Ernest Palmore was a longtime agriculture educator in Tuscaloosa County.

He was born Oct. 2, 1917, in Richland, Georgia and
was raised by his mother, who cleaned homes for white families, and his grandmother, who was a former slave. His father…

THS 001.jpg
This is the Tuscaloosa High School building as it appeared in 1916 in the Tuscaloosa High School yearbook, "Black Warrior." The building, located on 21st Avenue, was designed by architect D.O. Whilldin who designed many iconic buildings in…

Emma Henderson.jpg
Emma Henderson was a pioneer of education in Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama.

Henderson moved from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa in 1947 to teach in the Tuscaloosa City Schools. In addition to teaching high school, she taught adults who wanted to…

University Place 001.jpg
Mrs. Margaret Reynolds Robertson stands to the left of her first grade class of 1961-62 at University Place Elementary School.

Row 1: Rodney Mills, Richard Montgomery, Glenn Britt, Horace Gene Hammond, Mike Jones, Vickie Rushing, Mike Wilson,…

Panoramic view of Stillman Institute.jpg
"Stillman Institute (Colored) - Tuscaloosa."

This panoramic view shows the view along the road that is now Stillman Boulevard.

Liston Hall.jpg
Liston Hall was the first building erected on the site of the present campus of Stillman College. It was built one or two years after the land was purchased by the school in 1898 and served as the first dormitory and chapel for students. The building…
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