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This postcard of the Stafford School, the first public school in Tuscaloosa, says, "One of our graded public schools where 535 children (whites only) go to school daily." The school was located at 2209 9th Street in Tuscaloosa.

In 1836 Baptists established the Alabama Female Atheneum which became the Tuscaloosa Female College in 1854. This building housed the woman's college for many years. Later it was a site of a school for boys.

Dr. W.N. Dansby was appointed to the Tuscaloosa City School Board in 1971 by then-Mayor Snow Hinton. Dansby walked into the line of fire when the school system was in the middle of desegregation, having been placed under Federal court order in…

Students Kathy Willis and Jeffrey Martin stand under the Druid High School advertisement for the last edition of the school's yearbook. The all-black school closed in 1979 and became Central High School West. Later, the building was razed to make…

The Druid High School Dragons marching band headed west on University Boulevard. The University Club can be seen in the background.

West End School2.JPG
This class from West End School in Tuscaloosa may have been Mrs. Strickland's first-grade class in 1938-39. Identified on the back row are: second from left, Claude "Buddy" Taylor III; fourth from left is Charles Powell; fifth from the left is Robert…

Originally built in 1830 as a girls’ school, the building was located on the southwest corner of 9th Street and 22nd Avenue. The school property was purchased in 1859 by Samuel M. Stafford, a professor at the University of Alabama, and his wife…

An advertisement for the Tuscaloosa Female College in the 1896 Corolla, the University of Alabama yearbook.

In 1836 Baptists established the Alabama Female Atheneum which became the Tuscaloosa Female College in 1854. This building housed the…

Hattie Crawford's fourth-grade class at Verner Elementary School is seen during a field trip to The Tuscaloosa News. Front row kneeling, left to right: unknown, Gary Parham, Morris White, Lewis Dean, Bruce Lilly and Frankie Anderson. Second row:…

Etteca 001.jpg
Ettecca School was five miles north of the present (2014) Northside High School at the intersection of what was then Byler Road (now U.S. 43) and Concord Road (now County Road 12) in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The school was build in 1927 on land…
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