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The Alabama State Capitol was located in Tuscaloosa from 1826 until 1847. The stone foundation of the capitol was laid in 1827 and work was completed in the late fall of 1829.

After the seat of government was moved to Montgomery in 1847, the…

Dedication of the gymnasium of Tuscaloosa County High School to Adrian McKinzey. Left-to-Right: Dr. Charles Sprayberry, Coach Adrian McKinzey, Earl Hydrick, Mrs. McKinzey, and James Barnett.

Coach Adrian McKinzey teaches driver education to students Barbara Bonner Shields and Beatrice Rice Acker at Tuscaloosa County High School.

The Echola School in the west Tuscaloosa County community of Echola was a five room schoolhouse built in 1921. Although the documentation is fragmentary, this building was probably designed by D. O. Whilldin as part of a building program undertaken…

Col. W. D. Fonville, left, with his son, Marion Yancy Fonville, and Marion's friend, thought to be Hermione Charlotte Bliss. Col. Fonville had an active career in academics. In 1916, Fonville, formerly president of the Missouri Military Academy…

Members of the first board of education for the City of Tuscaloosa. Pictured from left to right are: E. N. C. Snow, Vice President; Carlton Mitchell, Superintendent; E. S. Chisholm; Festus Fitts, Secretary-Treasurer; W. C. Jemison (Mayor), President;…

Juniors and seniors at Industrial High School in Tuscaloosa enjoy their prom in 1946. Oscar Tucker is on the upper left of the photo. Others are unidentified.

This postcard of the Stafford School, the first public school in Tuscaloosa, says, "One of our graded public schools where 535 children (whites only) go to school daily." The school was located at 2209 9th Street in Tuscaloosa.

In 1836 Baptists established the Alabama Female Atheneum which became the Tuscaloosa Female College in 1854. This building housed the woman's college for many years. Later it was a site of a school for boys.

Dr. W.N. Dansby was appointed to the Tuscaloosa City School Board in 1971 by then-Mayor Snow Hinton. Dansby walked into the line of fire when the school system was in the middle of desegregation, having been placed under Federal court order in…
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