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River Boat passing under bridge498.jpg
The "Josie W." passes through the Black Warrior River lift bridge with tow for Mobile, Alabama. W.A. Randlette was captain.

Tuscaloosa Tide Water Coal Mine and Barge497.jpg
Coal Barges at the Tide Water Coal Company Mines along the Black Warrior River.

Barge Pushes Manually.jpg
A man manually pushes a barge along the Black Warrior River.

bridge Lib of Cong.jpg
The Mobile & Ohio (M&O) railroad trestle over the Black Warrior River between Tuscaloosa and Northport is shown in the background with the Josie W. leaving for Mobile.

The M&O Railroad trestle is a wooden and steel truss bridge that was…

Barge No 3 001.jpg
This Alabama and New Orleans Transportation Company Barge No. 3 was the first barge to travel up the Warrior River to Tuscaloosa from New Orleans, arriving in Tuscaloosa on October 30, 1913.

A ceremony to celebrate its arrival was planned for…

Invitation to Open Warrior Celebration
The invitation to the Open Warrior ceremony is dated Oct. 28, 1913, but delays getting the barge from New Orleans to Tuscaloosa caused the ceremony to be postponed until Oct. 31, 1913.

President Woodrow Wilson was scheduled to attend, but did not,…

The paddleboat was originally named "J.H. Menge." In July 1916, she was sold to Capt. Owen F. Burke, Mobile, who renamed her and ran her Mobile-Alabama-Tombigbee Rivers until he sold her to steamboat broker John F. Klein in 1919. Klein ran her…

This photograph of the Black Warrior River was taken from the old draw bridge that spanned the river from Northport to Tuscaloosa. The old Lock 10 can be seen up the river. Old Lock 10 was located approximately where the River Market is located…

The drawbridge that connected Northport and Tuscaloosa was built in 1922 at a cost of about $200,000 and was the sixth bridge built over the Black Warrior River at Tuscaloosa. S.P. "Bill" Faucett, of Northport, was the first motorist to cross the new…

draw bridge.jpg
This is the lift bridge that crossed the Black Warrior River from Northport to Tuscaloosa. It stood until the early seventies when the Hugh Thomas Bridge was built. The bridge emptied traffic onto Greensboro Avenue. In the foreground can be seen…
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