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The Alston Building is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of Greensboro Avenue and Sixth Street. It was completed in 1910 on the site of the old Tuscaloosa County courthouse, which had stood there since 1845. The Alston Building was…

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The McCalla-Wyman Building on what is now University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa housed the Alston-Raiford Store at the time of this photo. Among the items available at the store were housewares, pianos, sewing machines, stoves, rugs and trunks.


An advertisement for the Alston-Raiford Furniture Company found in the 1910 Corolla, the University of Alabama's yearbook.

The furniture store was located in the McCalla-Wyman Building on Broad Street, now known as University Boulevard.

The Auto-Rite Shell Service Station was on the corner of Greensboro Avenue and Ninth Street in Tuscaloosa at a site occupied in 2015 by an addition to the United Methodist Church.

Auto-Rite was owned by J.R. Moman and sold to Floyd Turner. A 1953…

Advertisement for The 'Bama Orange Mill found in the 1925 Corolla, the University of Alabama yearbook. In addition to "the most healthful drink obtainable," novelties, candies, cigars and cigarettes were available with a "shine parlor in the…

This picture was taken in 1925 in front of the original Banks Quarles Plumbing building, located on 13th street near the University of Alabama. From left to right are Mrs. McCarty, Dan Brown, Banks Quarles, Mr. Olive, Will Quarles and P.B. Quarles.

Taken on July 4, 1952, the photo shows a flooded area at the intersection of 8th Street and 23rd Avenue in Tuscaloosa. In the background is Barksdale and Sons Dry Cleaners at 2223 8th Street owned by E. Rush Barksdale, Jesse M. Barksdale and Leonard…

Advertisement for Barnes found in the 1920 Corolla, the University of Alabama yearbook. Barnes claims to be "the originator of milkshakes" and the exclusive seller of "okras".

The Corolla, v. 27, 1920

Advertisement for Black's, The College Shop, found in the 1920 Corolla, the University of Alabama yearbook. "Society Brand Clothes" sold. "Your college career will be pleasantly checkered with this shop."

The Corolla, v. 27, 1920

Advertisement for Blacks, The College Shop of the South, found in the 1925 Corolla, the University of Alabama yearbook. Their motto was "If it's from Blacks it's collegiate".
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