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city hall 001.jpg
This marker was located at Northport City Hall on Lurleen Wallace Boulevard at 20th Street in Northport. Newly built in 1965, the building housed, not only city government and Northport police, but Northport's first fire department, as well. Prior…

A marker, called a unity marker by Ben Windham in his Jan. 8, 2006, column in the Tuscaloosa News, can be seen from the walking trail along the Northport, Alabama, levee near the old 1898 M&O Railroad Trestle. Often mistaken for a grave stone, the…

First Methodist Church-h.jpg
The First United Methodist Church of Northport is located at 700 Main Avenue. The church was first organized in 1840. The present sanctuary was built in 1913 replacing an old frame structure.

Maxwell Home-h.jpg
This single-story frame house was built by John B. Maxwell, circa 1900.

Past Horizons, p. 58.

Maxwell-Hamner Home-h.jpg
The Maxwell-Hamner House, built in 1885, is Victorian in style. The foundation is block pillars and the house is constructed of wood with asphalt and shingles used in the roof. The home is rectangular in shape with Victorian mil work details.…

Shirley Christian Harper House-h.jpg
James Shirley (1809-1866), an early Northport pioneer settler from South Carolina, built the house of brick about 1840. Shirley also built the first brick commercial buildings in Northport in 1850, after a fire burned the entire district. One of the…

Williamson Vail House-h.jpg
After he was quite elderly, William Rufus Dodson, a decendant of the surveyor Dodson who first surveyed Northport in the 1820s, built this home about 1890. The property was deeded to Lewis Williamson upon Mr. Dodson's death. Robert G. Mitchell was…

Christopher Thomas and his wife Louella Shockley Thomas stand outside their home on Fourth Street in Northport. The mynah bird they kept in the cage on the porch talked to passers-by.

Dick Hagler, Northport's first motorcycle policeman.

The Spencer and Evans Store was located at 412 Main Avenue in Northport. (L to R) Ford Spencer, John Powell Williams, Archie Evans and Kenneth Evans.
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