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Vance Branch Library

Vance Branch Library

In 1992 Mary Martin, a Vance councilwoman worked with members of the town to establish a town library.  Donations of books, magazines, and money were welcomed.  A portable building was purchased by the Vance City Council to accommodate the new library and was set in the parking lot across from Town Hall.  A librarian from the Tuscaloosa Public Library started working part-time to run the library.

So many donations were received that the existing shelves were overflowing and boxes were stacked on the floor.    Mayor Mike Sanders and the council approved building a 30 by 40 foot addition to the Vance Civic Center to house the library. 

In addition to donations, the materials on the Tuscaloosa Public Library bookmobile were available as the library was on the bookmobile’s regular schedule.

In the fall of 1998, the Tuscaloosa Public Library Board voted to end funding all branch libraries including the one in Vance due to significant financial shortfalls.