Tuscaloosa Public Library Open House 1999-2000 Renovation Program

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Tuscaloosa Public Library Open House 1999-2000 Renovation Program


Tuscaloosa Public Library


Program from the Open House conducted after the library renovation of 1999-2000


Tuscaloosa Public Library


Tuscaloosa Public Library


Saturday, February 17, 2001


Tuscaloosa Public Library






Tuscaloosa (AL)


Tuscaloosa County citizens love their library, and today we celebrate the conclusion of the 1999-2000 major renovation and restoration. The project began in 1998 when the Library Board of Trustees, under the leadership of Mrs. Cynthia Lanford, asked local governments for guidance and assistance in renovating the main library building and securing the funds needed to provide quality library service in Tuscaloosa County. A series of discussions led to a plan supported by Jerry Plott, Tuscaloosa City Council President and Hardy McCollum, County Commission Chairman. That plan called for an Oversight Committe of community leaders, local government officials, and library trustees which was charged with conducting an in-depth study of library facilities, services, operations and finances.

The Committee, chaired by Mr. LeRoy McAbee, began an exhaustive review and planning process in the fall of 1998 and presented a report to local governments in February, 1999. The Committee recommended a $1.8 million building renovation and a long-range plan to increase operating funds. The Tuscaloosa City Council and the Tuscaloosa County Commission responded favorably to the recommendations. All parties agreed that funding would be by the City and County governments on an equitable, fair share basis and the Library Oversight Committee would supervise the renovation project. Work began in the late spring of 1999 and essentially concluded in January, 2001.

Today, with grateful hearts, we celebrate our good fortune resulting from the funding and assistance of the City and County governments of Tuscaloosa and the support of county citizens. It has been a successful and cooperative undertaking which has benefited everyone.

The Library Board of Trustees and staff especially thank Mr. Leroy McAbee and all the Oversight Committee members for their tireless efforts on behalf of the library. Because of their involvement, the library has taken great strides toward becoming the very best it can be. We are confident that members of the community will continue to support these efforts to make their library truly the heart of the community.


Welcome......Dick Johnson, Chairman, Library Board of Trustees

Recognition of Special Areas.......Dave Rodgers, Master of Ceremonies and Tuscaloosa Public Library Trustee

Ribbon Cutting......Marjorie M. Meredith, Former Library Trustee;
W. Hardy McCollum, Chairman, Tuscaloosa County Commission
Alvin P. Dupont, Mayor, City of Tuscaloosa
LeRoy McAbee, Chairman, Oversight Committee
Nancy C. Pack, Ph.D., Library Director

Closing Remarks...........................Dick Johnson
                           Special Library Areas
The following dedicated library areas are being named today either to memorialize or honor individuals or organizations who have significantly contributed to the renaissance and mission of our Tuscaloosa Public Library (TPL).

Tennie Davidson Automated Circulated System-
TPL's new Innovated Interface computer system for circulating, tracking, inventorying, and cataloging every item in the collection of books and materials. It is named in memory of Tennie Davidson, a faithful and loytal patron for years, whose bequest to the library enabled the purchase of thise fine state of the art system.

Harrison Information Center-the reference area with expanding print and technological sources for information available to the public. It honors the James I. Harrison family whose contributions and support have been of major significance in renovation and rebirth of the library.

Childrens Story Castle-dedicated to the memory of Milyn Bandy Smith and Bradley Rushing Smith. It was created by the loving generosity of their friends and family and by the artist, Dan Rountree.

Gates-Davis Computer Lab-TPL was one of the first library in the United States to receive a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for computers. Ella Maxwell Richardson Davis provided funding for the required special furniture and is a continuing benefactor for adding books to our collection of literary works.

Rotary Community Meeting Room-The Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa made a generous gift to the 1998 Library Campaign to add a fully equipped kitchnette to the community meeting room, which has borne its name since 1979 to recognize and honor major construction contributions.

The Administrative Suite- honors the Women's Division of the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce. A plaque in the reception area expresses gratitude for years of contributions and support. The library has been designated as a major recipient of the organization's annual fund-raiser and purchase of new furniture for the suite was made possible because of the organizations' continuing generosity.

Meredith Marquee Entrance Sign-Marjorie and Owen Meredith, Jr. are the benefactors of the wonderful custom built sign designed by Fitts Architects. Library hours and events can be seens from the parkway and the sign provides a welcome to residents and visitors.

Our "Friends of the Library"-donated the beautiful granite top for the circulation desk, atrium exhibit cases, furniture and numerous other enhancements for the renovation project. "The Friends", since the group's founding in 1965, are a most valuable, appreciated, loyl and essential arem of our library organization. So many enhancements and essentials would not have been possible over the years if not for the efforts of these dedicate volunteers of our community. New members are always welcome and needed!

"Courtyard Fountain"- James I. Harrison family members are the benefactors of this unique fountain which provides an inviting atmosphere and is a local point of the landscaping. The fountain was designated and contructed by McAbee Construction.

                               Tours and Demonstrations
                              11:00 A.M.-3:00 P.M.

First Floor

Adult Services- Locating books by title, subject, or author through the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC). These are the computers placed throughout the library designed to provide information for all books and materials owned by the Librar; Poster of materials available in the department.

Circulation- How to renew books; How to check your patron record from home

Juvenile Services- Stories for the entire family; Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) for children; Locating materials with the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

Administrative Suite- Reception area; office for bookkeeping and records; director's office

Technical Services- How books get to the shevles; ordering and processing

Outreach/Services- Bookmobile; Weaver-Bolden Branch

Chief Taskalusa- 11:00-1:00 ONLY- Betsy Jones from the Moundville Education will talk to groups about history and significance of our Chief. The beautiful all wood carving by Willie Logan is on loan from the McAbee family.

Second Floor

Harrison Information Center; Reference Department Tours of the Local History, Genealogy, and Archives Collections; Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Demonstrations; Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) Demonstrations

Gates-Davis Computer Lab- Software Demonstrations; Tuscaloosa Public Library Webpage Demonstrations

Books By Mail- Department Tour

Subregional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped- Helen Keller Display; "What Do You Do When You Meet a Blind Person"; Brailed names and messages

                                        Heartfelt Thanks
Many individuals, families, businesses, community orgnizations, and governmental departments have contributed to the renaissance of our library through generous donations of money, time, and services. While it is impossible to recognize all support and contributions, today we must recognize and offer heartfelt thanks to:

                        Major Renovation Donors
                           LeRoy McAbee Family
McAbee Construction
                       James I. Harrison Foundation
                               Stan Bloom
                             Tennie Davidson
                              Special Contributors
                         1999-2000 Library Staff
                               Library Patrons
               Tuscaloosa Department of Transportation
                        Lamar Outdoor Advertising
                            Robert Reynolds
                               Russell S. Lee
                               Brian Graham
                               Jerry Carnes
                               Don Barnes
                               Fred Palmer
                  George Warren; Pioneer Agency
                               Totalcom, Inc.
                               Frank Mann
                    Bill Strickland; Drake Printers
                               Sam's Club

                            Tuscaloosa Public Library
               1999-2000 Building Renovation
                      1801 Jack Warner Parkway

                             Funded by the
  City Council and Commission of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

     Board of Trustees                 Oversight Committee

Cynthia Lanford, Chairman   LeRoy McAbee, Chairman
B. Scott Bridges                  Jimmy Harrison
Brenda Carpenter              Reginald Murray
Josephine Davis                 Roland Pugh
Lois Gwinn                         Buddy Powell
George Hamner                Joe Powell
Dick Johnson                     Roger Taylor
Marvin McKinley              Richard Thigpen
Robert Reynolds              Josephine Davis
Dave Rodgers                   Cynthia Lanford
Sherri Trick                        Marvin McKinley
                                            Robert Reynolds
                                            Dave Rodgers

City of Tuscaloosa         Tuscaloosa County Commission

Alvin Dupon, Mayor        W. Hardy McCollum, Chairman
       Council:                       Bobby Miller
Jerry Plott, President       Reginald Murray
Lee Garrison                      Mike Richardson
Harrison Taylor                 Gary Youngblood
Clell Hobson
Kip Tyner
Joe Powell
Odessa Warrick

                             Library Director
                    Nancy C. Pack, Ph.D.

Fitts Architects, Inc. AIA       

H&H Stephens Construction Inc.

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