County Library Report Issued for 1943

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County Library Report Issued for 1943


Tuscaloosa Public Library
Nicholson, Winona


The 1943 annual report of the Tuscaloosa County Library including the hiring of a new librarian.


Tuscaloosa News Archive


February 21, 1944


Tuscaloosa Public Library






Tuscaloosa County (AL)


County Library Report Issued
Full-Time Librarian Is Obtained Here

A report of the year's activities at the Tuscaloosa County Library has been submitted to its Board of Directors with Mrs. George Jacob Davis, chairman, showing operation results and expenses for 1943.

The report was submitted simultaneously with the formal announcement that a librarian had been secured for the institution.

For several months and up to the beginning of the new year, when the sevices of Miss Winona Nicholson were secured, the library had not had a full time librarian.  The new librarian is a 1943 graduate of library sciences from the University of Alabama, and came here from Brewton, Ala. where she had been a member of a public school faculty.

A native of Huntsville, Ala. she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Nicholson of that city.

According to the report to the board, the library had a total circulation of 2,000 books during the year 1943, with an attendance of 20,000.  Volumes in the library have now reached the 6,000 mark, including a new set of Encyclopedia Britannica.

Although the work of the institution has been expanded during the past year according to the board an effort will be made to increase the number of new books and reference books available during the coming year.

Gifts to the library during 1943 totalled $87.  These were straight donations from women's clubs such as the University Women's, Quakers, Tuscaloosa Study, Up-To-Date, Quest, Tuscaloosa Councel of Federated Clubs and the American Association of Unitersity Women.

Major part of the financial requirements of the institution are provided by the City commission of Tuscaloosa and the Tuscaloosa County Board of Revenue appropriations, with some additional funds obtained from fines and rentals.

Total 1943 income of the library was recorded as $2,375.99 and disbursements were $1,885.56, leaving a small bank balance, according to the report.

Of these disbursements, an average of about $1 per day was expended on new books.  The remainder was for library supplies and salaries for a full-time staff of two librarians and a maid.

Members of the Tuscaloosa County Library Board, in additon to the chairman are:  Mrs. Oscar Dahlene, Miss Elizabeth Collings and Miss Katie Belle Harrison.

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