Tuscaloosa - Aerial Views and Street Scenes


Tuscaloosa - Aerial Views and Street Scenes


Tuscaloosa from the air and along its streets through time. Views are arranged in chronological order.

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Greensboro Avenue, 1880
This post-Civil War photo was taken from what is now University Blvd. looking south. It is notable in that it is the only known photograph of the 1845 Tuscaloosa County Courthouse, although it shows only the clock tower above the trees. It was…

Broad Street, circa 1890
This is a view of Broad Street, which is now known as University Boulevard, looking east from about the vicinity of Capitol Park.

Early Queen City Avenue in Tuscaloosa
View of Queen City Avenue before it was paved. The large building on the right is the site of the Hill's Female College. This area is now the site of College Park.

Tuscaloosa Buildings, circa 1904
This postcard includes photos of the Allen & Jemison Hardware Store, City Hall, and McLester Hotel, all located on Greensboro Avenue. The Elks Home and Auditorium on the postcard was located on the southeast corner of Sixth Street and 22nd Avenue.…

Broad Street, 1905
This is Broad Street (University Boulevard) around 1905. One would be looking west from the intersection of Broad Street and 22nd Avenue. To the far left would be where the First National Bank is today.The Merchants’ National Bank building in the…

Greensboro Avenue, 1905
This is a view of Greensboro Avenue looking south toward Sixth Street circa 1905. The buildings listed in order from the foreground to the background are: Snow Shoe Company; McLester Hotel, City Hall and market complex and Allen & Jemison Hardware…

Greensboro Avenue Looking North, 1905
Visible left to right are the Allen and Jemison Building of 1903, the tower of the city hall, and the turret of the McLester Hotel.

6th Street and Greensboro Avenue, circa 1905
This view is looking east down Sixth Street from the top of the McLester Hotel. L. Rosenfeld Dry Goods is located on the corner of Greensboro Avenue and Sixth Street where the Shirt Shop is located in 2014.

Rosenfeld and Company opened its new…

6th Street, Tuscaloosa, 1908
6th Street looking west in the vicinity of Capitol Park.

Broad Street in Tuscaloosa, 1909
A postcard of Broad Street (now University Boulevard) looking east, published by the American News Company, New York.

This photo of Broad Street in Tuscaloosa shows the Atlanta Store with awning on the left. Other recognizable stores on this…
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