Health Care and Hospitals


Health Care and Hospitals


Hospitals and health care facilities have played an important role in the Tuscaloosa Area. Included in this collection are items from Bryce Hospital, Druid City Hospital, Northington General Hospital and the VA Medical Center.

During World War II, Northington General Hospital operated as an U.S. Army Hospital on what is now the site of University Mall. From 1947-1952 it was used by Druid City Hospital while a new facility was planned, financed and constructed.

Records for individual physicians and dentists are listed to begin in alphabetical order by last name. Medical institutions are then listed in order by name.

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Collection Items

Tuscaloosa County Medical Society Charter 1912
This 1912 charter of The Medical Society of Tuscaloosa County indicates that the group was originally chartered in 1877. Physicians in the area were granted membership by the Medical Association of the State of Alabama.

Dr. Charles E. Abbott Jr., 1898-1962
Dr. Charles E. Abbott was the chief of the medical staff of the new Druid City Hospital ( DCH) when it opened in 1952.

According to his Tuscaloosa News obituary on September 21, 1962, Dr. Abbott specialized in pediatrics and internal medicine.…

Dr. Cecil C. Belcher
Dr. Belcher was one of the 50 doctors on staff when the new Druid City Hospital (DCH) opened in 1952.

Dr. James L. Booth, 1886-1954
Dr. Booth was one of the 50 doctors on staff when the new Druid City Hospital (DCH) opened in 1952.

According to his Tuscaloosa News Obituary, Dr. Booth was a native of Buhl who was born 6 June 1886 and who died 8 October 1954. Dr. Booth served in…

Dr. Clarence L. Brook, 1910-1955
According to his Tuscaloosa News obituary on 3 March 1955, Dr. Clarence L. Brook was a native of Smithville, Mississippi. Dr. Brook was a graduate of the University of Alabama and of Tulane Medical School. Dr. Brook practiced medicine in Tuscaloosa…

Peter Bryce, M.D,, 1834-1892
Cabinet card photograph of Dr. Peter Bryce taken in 1859 upon his graduation from the Medical College of the University of New York.

Bryce was superintendent of the Alabama Insane Hospital in Tuscaloosa (later Bryce Hospital) for 31 years.

Peter Bryce, MD, 1834-1892
Dr. Peter Bryce was superintendent of the Alabama Insane Hospital at Tuscaloosa (later to be named Bryce Hospital) for 31 years, beginning in 1860.

Bryce was born in 1834 in Columbia, South Carolina. At the age of 17 he entered the South Carolina…

Historical Marker at Grave Site of Dr. Peter Bryce and Ellen Peter Bryce
Historical markers are at the gravesite of Dr. Peter Bryce and Mrs. Ellen Peter Bryce located on the lawn of Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa AL.   Text of the marker:Dr. Peter & Mrs. Ellen Peter-Bryce Gravesite Tuscaloosa County Dr. Peter Bryce,…

Burial Monument for Dr. and Mrs. Peter Bryce
Dr. Peter Bryce, the first superintendent of Bryce Hospital in Tuscaloosa, Ala., and his wife Ellen Peter Bryce are buried on the lawn of the hospital. The monument reads:

Peter Bryce, M.D.
March 5, 1834
August 14, 1892
For 32 years…

Dr. Peter Bryce Letter to his Wife, 1866
The letter, written on February 18, 1866, by Dr. Peter Bryce (1834-1892), first superintendent of what is now Bryce Hospital, to his wife, Ellen Bryce, who was in Columbia, S.C.

The letter, which is written over the course of three days, is eight…
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