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Our Communities

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History of towns and communities in West Alabama

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Northport - People and Places

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This collection consists of general scenes of life in Northport, followed by businesses, homes, churches, and community organizations and events.…

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Industries in the Tuscaloosa - Northport area arranged alphabetically by name of company.

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I Remember Old Tuscaloosa

Sept 2, 1971.pdf

Frederick Richard Maxwell Jr. wrote "I Remember Old Tuscaloosa" for a weekly newspaper in Tuscaloosa called The Graphic from December, 1970 through…

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Houses that have been around for hundreds of years, had many important people inhabit them, and played a role in the history of this area.

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Health Care and Hospitals


Hospitals and health care facilities have played an important role in the Tuscaloosa Area. Included in this collection are items from Bryce Hospital,…

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Government - Buildings, People, and Services


This collection includes items relating to government activities on all levels from mayors and elected officials to courthouses and other buildings to…

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Farming and Agricultural Activities


Images related to farming, timbering and other agricultural activites in the West Alabama area.

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Events of Interest

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Important events in the country including World Wars I and II or in the West Alabama area including racial intergration of the University of Alabama,…

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