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old northport depot.JPG
This photo shows the old Northport Train Depot. It burned on Christmas Eve in 1923. Ninnie Cummins stands on the left with Richard Pearson on the right.


northport Snow.jpg
Main Avenue in Northport is shown after a snowstorm on January 24, 1948. The eight-inch snowfall was said to the the heaviest since 1936. While there were three snow storms in 1940, they did not produce as much snow. After one, however, a reading of…


Adams Drug.jpg
Adam's Drug Store was located on the west side of Main Avenue in Northport in what is, in 2014, the left side of Billy's Sports Bar. The store was owned by Carl Adams who hired a pharmacist. In the photo from left to right are Inez C. Shirley, Carl…


Shirley Place, built in 1832 and located on Main Street in Northport, was the ancestral home of the late historian Marvin Harper. Since his death in 2009, the house has been a city museum, managed by the Shirley Place Foundation.
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