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The photo shows the movie "Forever Amber" was playing at the Pickens Theater in 1948. The theater was a gathering place for teens and others from around Pickens County since, at times, there were no other theaters in the county. It also provided jobs…

Hotel fund raising.jpg
This sign in front of the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse tracked donations or investments for a new hotel in Tuscaloosa that would become Hotel Stafford. The hotel opened in 1956 with the finest accommodations in Tuscaloosa. Hayse Tucker was chairman…

Ernest W. "Rainy" Collins (1911 - 2004) was mayor of Tuscaloosa from 1976-1981., elected from a field of 20 candidates after the death of Mayor C. Snow Hinton in office.

Collins' was unopposed in 1977 and was re-elected for a full term, which was…

Jack Cozine, considered one of the finest dancers in Tuscaloosa at the time, portrayed the Warrior River "leading his band of nixies (water spirits) clad in blue and white "now gently undulating, now leaping madly," as described in The Tuscaloosa…

The Tuscaloosa Cotton Seed Oil Company float was one of many industrial and merchandise floats in the Tuscaloosa Centennial Parade on May 30, 1916. The float was pulled by a large four-horse team carrying 38 different kinds of food products made by…

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The queen of the Tuscaloosa Centennial Parade, Julia Lucille Nuzum Morris, and her attendant, Annalee Fitts, are shown in the Tuscaloosa Centennial Parade in 1916.

The Rose Store float in Tuscaloosa's Centennial parade was "profusely decorated with roses, as well as a bunting and festoons. In the center of their float was a big flower basket filled with the prettiest roses and girls to be found in Tuscaloosa,…

An unidentified float is prepared for the Tuscaloosa Centennial Parade on May 30, 1916.

The pageant illustrating the history of Tuscaloosa was performed twice on May 31, 1916, with over 500 participants in Guild Woods. This photo shows Indians who lived in the area meeting De Soto.

A coach with four lovely young women in the Tuscaloosa Centennial Parade is photographed in front of Louis Wiesel Store on Broad Street, now University Boulevard, on May 30, 1916.
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