Events of Interest


Events of Interest


Important events in the country including World Wars I and II or in the West Alabama area including racial intergration of the University of Alabama, natural disasters and civic celebrations. Items are arranged in chronological order. Some of the major events are:

Centennial Celebration, 1916
World War I
World War II
Integration of the University of Alabama, 1963
Tuscaloosa Civil Rights March, 1964
Tornado of April 27, 2011

Also includes the front pages of the Tuscaloosa News on historic occasions

Civic events such as parades are documented as well.

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Items in the Events of Interest Collection

Remembering Tuscaloosa County Victims of Lynching
On March 6, 2017, a commemorative program was held to unveil a historical marker remembering Tuscaloosa County victims of lynching. The marker is in front of the Old Jail at 2803 6th Street, Tuscaloosa.

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) works…

Legion Wrestling Card Ticket
An admittance ticket for Legion Wrestling held at the National Guard Armory.

1932 Tornado
This photo shows the aftermath of a tornado that hit Northport and Tuscaloosa County in 1932. It was taken by the 106th Observation Squadron of the Alabama National Guard and shows the Black Warrior River, the railroad trestle and Northport. The…

The Dedication of the "Tuscaloosan"
The "Tuscaloosan" was a Consolidated B-24 U.S. Army Air Force bomber which was the main type of bomber used in WWII. . The photo appeared in the Birmingham News-Age-Herald on Oct. 3, 1943, and the people, left to right, were Mrs. Gladstone Yewell,…

What a Price for Peace
"What a Price for Peace" was written by Buford Boone, editor and publisher of the Tuscaloosa News and advocate of law and order in a time when chaos reigned.

On February 7, 1956, after three days of student demonstrations, the University of…

Demolition of the Drawbridge Across the Black Warrior River, 1973
A drawbridge over the Black Warrior River that connected Northport to Tuscaloosa was used until late 1973 when the new Hugh Thomas Bridge was opened.

The drawbridge was built in 1922 at a cost of $196,511 on pillars that had been there since 1897.…

Murder Scene of Sheriff J. Foster King, 1952
This is the murder scene of city detective and former Tuscaloosa County Sheriff J. Foster King and Homer F. Hubbard. The policeman in the dark uniform is Jim Baughman; the policeman in the white shirt is D.D. Darnell. The policeman looking at the…

Candidate Rally Invitation, 1934
A letter from the Senior Class at Tuscaloosa County High School to Mr. John Pearson inviting him to be a part of a Candidate Rally to be held at County High School. The program was to include a box and pie supper, dance by the Senior girls, songs by…

Tuscaloosa Centennial Program
The program for the Tuscaloosa Centennial in 1916. Includes a full description of the different events. It also names the Executive Committee for the Celebration. The committee was made up of: F.G. Blair- Chairman, Sam F. Clabaugh- Secretary, W.W.…

USS Tuscaloosa
USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) was a New Orleans-class heavy cruiser of the U.S. Navy. She was laid down on 3 September 1931 at Camden, New Jersey, by the New York Shipbuilding Co., launched on 15 November 1933, sponsored by Mrs. Thomas Lee McCann, the wife…